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tv   [untitled]    July 15, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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clyde (laughter) but june was our worse most of the year so far for gun violence. homicide by gun is down dramatically. homicides are down 50 percent but as the commissioner says right now after we're going through it's not the time to celebrate. overall we need to find our peace again then we'll talk about it later. it's not quiet in bay view or the south eastern section of the city >> commissioner. >> you know chief i think commissioner is right. the breath of knowledge and experience that our officers
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need to have to do their job is incredible. i think the end of june to where we are at this point in july really do demonstrate that. in a wonderful way they have dealt with a celebration to a tragedy and they've all done so with the spirit of putting public safety first and being responsive to the public needs. i want to thank evidentially for all their work this past few weeks. one of the things i do want to call tension to around the pride celebration there are some negative things that happened in the community such as a couple of shootings that i thought our
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officers responder to well. there was some gun activity where a large number of arrests were made. and the evening of pride our officers responded to the needs of the community in an "x" player fashion. some of the things our officers need to improve on but i was proud to be associated with san francisco police department on pride sunday. because in hearing and being part of the commission and certainly holding public hearings on different matters the criticism is heard as well as the praise but i really enjoy that i got to interact with the
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public and what i heard was very positive megabit how happy people were with the job that san francisco police officers were doing in many aspects. the lgbt community have this negative history with police officers all over the country. there are people k0u78 u coming up to me because i got to ride with the san francisco police officers contingent in the parade and praised the work we've done in many areas. our pride alliance officers the lgbt officers that are part of this department are really respected in our community and certainly there are things we
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need to work on and we can improve but we've made some leaps and bounds in certain areas of the community. it couldn't have been more highlighted when i walked in the festival and a woman cape to me and said i didn't trust the police but i feel much satisfactory and i can approach them now. this really went a long ways with me. i want to thank you and the officers who are really i think working hard to connect with our community and be the socialu you're talking about. and really improve on our relationship with the community so, please pass that on for everyone >> and for the record julian
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had his own car in the pride he was the bell of the ball. >> commissioner khan. >> i second the commissioners comments about the breath of experience that the officers have had to have. that was about the horrible plane crash. i flew out on friday and came back on monday. it was shocking i was praying for the folks that were on that plane and hoping the body count was low. it's upsetting to know that the 16-year-old girls from china have passed away but the fact that the officers jumped in that plane with short sleeve shirts on they saved hundreds of lives
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it could have been a lot worse. so thanks for those officers. and if you know me, too well, you have is a plane coming from aboard in shang had any and came here so i was wondering how the department and the fire department handled ail the language needs it is guarantee to know you got a lot of help. it's good to know that after the crash you helped to get the folks in touch with each other. so thanks for the brave officers i'm looking forward to honoring them >> i think it's important to know that office cunningham noticed cell phones on the seats and he had the presence of mind to scoop i am the cell phones
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knowing they would be getting phone calls. i don't know anybody who would have thought of that >> the guy with the short sleeve shirt. >> tomorrow we'll be with the kids from fillmore and if anybody's interested or director hicks or anybody at all on friday on the 1 o'clock 33 new police cadets will graduate from this academy in partnership with the p l this makes them eligible to at that particular time in the other programs for future police officers and i have to
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acknowledge the instructors who facilitate this program and that concludes my report. >> before we move on i have to say the san francisco police department has a history of being one that has a lot of firs. when you're a police officer in the men and women in blue who you are in your personal life it's is one that accepts people when i hear of the lgbt folks we have the first open gay officer sgt. frank and this was decades ago. that's where it starts. the cleave gets a lot of credit he anyway's it's an acceptable department and one of the things i'm proud about is their way
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ahead of other folks so thanks chief and a please call line item if 3 b >> oc director's report the review of recent activities for the fiscal reports for the period of january one through june 13th and 2012. the complaint of reports and awe adjudication of sustained complaints and the presentation is first >> good evening president and members of the police commission. as for the june comprehensive statistical report the occ had 32 hundred complaints down from 2013 that's a 12 percent
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decrease. the occ sustained some complaints compared to june 20, 2012. the occ mediated report down through june 2012. there are four awe jury instructions the first thing what the sustained obligations failure to take action in astonishment of the officers and the sergeant. the second one is the fourth case with the policy finding i'd like to table that report for a later police commission meeting because i'm in discussions with the chief about the viability of the organization cc policy recommendations. the third one is the neglect of
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duty the officer was astonished. the next one was failure to collect traffic stop data the officer was suspended because of this officer had previous sustained allegations for those same offense. moving on to the first quarter report because i provided those reports the first quarter 2013 statistical report is posted on the website. i'm have the second one no august that will give you a picture of the organization cc operation. i'll answer any questions you have >> commissioner khan. thank you for your report.
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i was actually going to ask you about the force and neglect case where there are a number of they seem like thoughtful detailed recommendations about tactics firearms and discharge of the review board and crisis intefrm >> thank you very much commissioner khan we need more time to flush them out with the chief and to understand really what's viable and what's not. >> commissioners any questions for director hicks? >> thank you very much director hikdz and you're welcome members of the commission and a please call item c-3.
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>> commissioner president's report and i have nothing to report commissioners you have anything to report? >> i'd like to say it's been a little while i think we have not met since then but i did attend commissioner kingsley's function i don't i guess i didn't see commissioner khan. very, very - what's the name of the group. the law center to prevent gun violence 20th anniversary >> very, very nice affair and i want to give you commissioner kingsley your induction into the founders circle very, very
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appropriate and given all the work you have done with the organization and obviously the personal loss at the 101 california i was very, very proud to be there and share that with you. it was it was a very impressive crowd. so once again congratulations and a thank you commissioner marshall >> i want to report back that i went to the academy and got some information for the benefit that we play as policymakers. i wanted to say that part of the role as a commissioner go like myself i was a prosecutor
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previously there's a danger there's so many shows about police you can forgot what you know and it's really great that this department has offered us this opportunity. so i wanted to thank the sergeant who is amazing if you ever see this officer on the street thank him and bill and jim who are retired officers. it was very helpful to me in terms of reasoning on the d go. and again understanding what our officers are dealing with. i think i did better than excepted. >> i didn't crash. >> and there were no cones or fatalities. a car did hit me but it was
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their fault. i want to say that while commissioner was he highlighted in the car at the pride parade on behalf of the department i want to thank police department association we sat with the police department and part of the fess tilts and the pride alliance officers welcome me and be grateful for the commissioners leadership and finding a role for all of us thank you >> commissioner. >> in this report, i was at the place of the firearm event it was really the whole city was there to celebrate. i was extremely proud to see our commissioner here inducted into
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the hall. it was great to see senator feinstein there and they talked into the night. as i could tell that gun prevention was not a short-term thing for them. i left that dinner and felt great about it. i was quite impressed >> and we went to the driving training that happened i don't know what you call it. >> the training and i know the department lacks the fancy equipment so i was surprised when i went to the county i won't say which room but it's
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coming from our posts it's big equipment it trains you how to drive in those complicated situations pr we got is a great presentation from the commissioner. he knows exactly know what he's talking about. he always had a quick answer. i got a deeper sense of what's good morning. i had even better 12 - better sense of the balancing test the route that's there's a big balancing test officers have to taking into consideration whether to engage in a pursuit or not. the crimes that's at stablg tons of things.
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at the same time they're doing that they have to report in. i just got in the car and did the driving part i cut off a fire truck. i went very fast i sped up to 60 mile-per-hour on a residential area i you showed up at the crime scene before the emergency vehicles >> i just want to pouty shared that experience that sergeant put together with us with the two retired officers. it was an excellent experience ail around and i appreciate all the origin they put in to
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providing us with this experience in the evening. also want to thank the chief for in the mid of all the pride activities of the last weekend of the month he did make time to go to the anniversary dinner and kickoff the reception before he went off to a gay wedding. i appreciate his continued and very apparent dedication to the gun reduction in this city which surpassed 8 hundred people in attendance. i was in the gay pride with the mayor and i missed the police department as i commented to be with that but happy to see that
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the commission was well represented this year with the police department contingent in that activity and it went well >> the commissioner will have to have you in his car he enjoyed that very much. what kind of a car is it >> it's a 1931 lincoln. >> thank you commissioner please call line item d for the consideration of future meetings. >> commission announcements for future commission meetings. >> any announcements commissioner. >> well next wednesday we're dark on the 17th by the wednesday after the 24th we'll be in the other district at 3151
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or tag school any dmiments for the public and those are concerning public protection issues. >> with reference to scheduling of future issue for our meetings it's not issue so we spoke about this we'll have the officers from the airport present on the 24th and i want to commissioners i spoke with deputy attorneys kathy regarding the general order that's a work in order. it's a large issue on the officers obligations on public agenda. we'll, work on this complex issue. and the deputy is working on that right now so we'll have
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that briefing in august. we're making progress on that. then also i'd like to schedule for consideration it's sort of a two prong report if you have a report on the san francisco reserve officers. we have the largest number of reserve officers in the history of the department and maybe who we have in the reserve this moves into the second prong the specialize. we were approached and the commission and city attorney's office and what their abilities are in buying a - it's a combination of what the patrol
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issue so if we can schedule that when is a good time for chief? >> end of august. >> okay. perfect thanks. >> commissioner. >> yes. i'd like to acknowledge contacting from the city attorney's office from 230u7 with another issue the officers are working with outside agencies for what the community wants to see so thank you. thank you deputy for bird-dogging that in terms of calendaring issues love to find out from the department a breakdown what we're doing in
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terms of here i go in demographics whose coming in the academy and their background. i've heard that folks are being hired that look like san francisco. i i know there's waves of hiring >> maybe we could do that in september. >> september okay. a date in september would be great commissioner. >> well september 4th we're going to do the the honors. >> the 11th maybe. >> thanks. >> want to do it the 11th? >> 9/11 is not good. >> then 9, 18/25.
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>> no district. >> 9/25 then. >> 9/25. okay >> and that will be captain. >> got it. commissioner >> just want to remind the commissioners that we do have we're still working on this the scheduling resolution. i know that deputy city attorney and myself are trying to prepare and get the recommendations out for you but we haven't actually decided on when to return but we should get that scheduled in the
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next couple of weeks so we can have a date certain. i want everyone to know it's still open your agenda we'll believe circling back with you >> it's now time for public comment on items abc and d. >> vote on whether or not to have this in closed session and for the administrative code section action. >> thank you ladies and gentlemen, what happens is we'll move into closed section those are private issues and their
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confidential litigation matters. so any public comment regarding this okay no one it's closed call the next item >> line item 67 we go into closed session. >> and we want to vote on whether or not to go into closed session action. >> can i have a motion. >> all in favor. >> session. >> we're back in open session and you have a quorum. call a line item >> all discussion in closed
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session california code action. >> do have i have a movement foreclosure or non-disclosure. >> the last item is adjournment do r i have a motion. >> all in favor? thank you very much we're adjourned
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